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Image Name
Lv 1
Doll that Mr. Sa of Jangan made to curse the Wijeong instead of the palace. It has been created as the ghost with the devil spirit. It attacks the human indiscriminately with the large cleaver.
Small-eyed Ghost
Lv 2
Small-limbed monster out of the Big-eyed Ghosts. Its eyes also are small. It is violent in comparison with the small body.
Big-eyed Ghost
Lv 3
It is hunch-backed from birth and has one eye. Thus it was expelled. The grudge ghost created after the boy lived lonely near the Hamgok gate way and died, is the very Big-eyed Ghost. It is the very violent and attacks the people with the large hand.
Old Weasel
Lv 4
Old Weasel lived for a long time. The physical strength or offensive power is weaker than the Weasel, but it is very clever ghost due to the experience and intelligence accumulated. If being abstracted, people are devoured without the realizing.
Lv 5
The Weasel is the weasel goblin lived in the grassy land in the vicinity of Jangan and organizes the society. It shows high intelligence and no productive activity. It assails the human and takes away food, and hunts the animals.
Water Ghost slave
Lv 6
The Water Ghost slave lived as the slave and escaped. The tattoo is engraved on the face and body. It bears the hatred against the human and becomes violent due to the cruel treatment of the human.
Water Ghost
Lv 7
Originally the Water Ghost takes to an evil course as the elf of the marshland. It attacks the people by holding the large gourd, which the poison to dazzle the people is contained in.
Broken Stone Ghost
Lv 8
The partially Broken Stone Ghosts that the protection stone image of Ch’in tomb was changed to the goblin is called the Broken Stone Ghost.
Tomb Stone Ghost
Lv 8
The soul of the vexatiously dead man is sticked to the gravestone. Thus the goblin created is the Tomb Stone Ghost. It attacks only people alive with drifting. To drive away the Tomb Stone Ghost, the people must rip apart and break away the Tomb Stone Ghost.
Stone Ghost
Lv 9
Stone image made from the lion-shape stone. This was made for protect Ch’in tomb, but attacks all people passed by after losing the control power with passage of time. The attack using the hard legs made of the stone is very powerful.
Tomb Stone
Lv 9
The Stone Ghost is the gravestone possessed by a devil apart from the Tomb Stone Ghost. It possesses stronger devil vigor and appears frequently in the vicinity of the tomb area.
Decayed Yeoha
Lv 10
Even main body goes rotten due to the strong curse. Even though the body goes rotten, it is as dangerous as the Yeoha.
Lv 10
Originally the Yeoha was the elf of the tree to protect the nature as the demon lived in the southeast area of the southern valley in Jangan. They was the good elves to protect and assist the travelers who passed by the mountain path or valley. But they become depraved to the wicked elves.
Bandit surbodinate
Lv 11
This shows the low ranking out of the bandit who handle the sword. This wears the fox skin apart from the bandit wearing the high-quality tiger skin.
Bandit Archer
Lv 12
This show the low ranking out of the bandits to handle the bow. This wears the fox skin apart from the bandit wearing the high-quality tiger skin.
Young Tiger
Lv 13
These are the young of the tiger governing the Hohyeol Mountain. Though they are young, they are very fierce.
Lv 14
This is the man-eating huge tiger lived in the Hohyeol Mountain. It is large and strong. The Tiger follows the Mabok and stains with blood.
Bandit bowman
Lv 15
The Bandit bowman is the member of the bandit group who manages to export the goods of the merchants to make a journey to the Silk Road. The Bandit Archer is stronger and more accurate in shooting the arrow contrary to the bandit archer.
Lv 16
The Bandit bowman is the member of the bandit group who manages to export the goods of the merchants to make a journey to the Silk Road. Since the bandit who holds the blade trained the Fire Force Mastery and was expelled, it can operate the vigor technique.
Black Tiger
Lv 17
It is introduced that only one tiger is born out of 1,000 tigers. It has the black body. The people who pass by the Hohyeol Mountain call it the black devil.
White Tiger
Lv 18
It is introduced that the tiger group governing the tiger had lived in the Hohyeol Mountain for 100 years. They lead the tigers and attack the people intellectually.
Tiger Woman
Lv 20
Originally the Tiger Woman was the boss to govern the tigers in the Hohyeol Mountain. After it met its end by the general Sonhyeon, only the soul wandered about and entered the girl’s body that lost her way in the Hohyeol Mountain. People say that it appears on the blue tiger and finds the General Sonhyeon.
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